B2B e-commerce trends for manufacturers in 2019

By Cream Limited on January 17, 2019
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A practical guide to "Going-Digital with your B2B trade" part 2

By Cream Limited on December 12, 2018
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A practical guide to "Going-Digital with your B2B trade" part 1

By Cream Limited on November 27, 2018
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Driving Trading Efficiency using Data Science

By Craig Foltz on November 27, 2018


The world of online trading can be hard to forecast. Long-time investors and traders often embed a kind of murky, undefinable magic within their success stories. There are so many possible factors to consider, many of which arise from a combination of unknown variables, making research-based decisions difficult. However, new strategies arising from the capture of big data and modelling behaviour based on data analytics is here to change that.

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Four Factors in the Overloaded Dairy Market

By Craig Foltz on November 13, 2018


From North America to New Zealand to Ireland and Malaysia, an unexpected surplus in the dairy market has created dilemmas for suppliers, farmers and buyers. Milk production in the EU is up approximately 2% in 2018 increasing pressure on export markets. This oversupply stems from a number of factors depending on what part of the world is being described.

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Foods We'll be Eating in 2025

By Craig Foltz on October 30, 2018


Humans have been eating strange things for a long time. Twinkies, Jell-o, Oreo Cookies, Spam, Avocado-free guacamole. And don’t even get me started on spray-can cheese!

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Four Ways Online Trading Makes Life Easier for the Primary Industry Sector

By Craig Foltz on October 16, 2018


The Primary Industry Sector is constantly experiencing unpredictable and dynamic competitive pressures. Because of this, the strategic leaders of these businesses need to leverage every asset at their disposal. 

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Key Learnings from Nurture Change 2018

By Bruce Maunder on September 17, 2018

I joined the Nurture Change retreat to share, connect and grow with other business-minded leaders. Here are just some of the highlights over the weekend that I’d like to share with all of you.

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Three New Food Production Trends Impacting the Global Food Industry

By Craig Foltz on September 12, 2018


When it comes to “future foods” the future is now. How we think about food is constantly evolving. It’s not just how we think about what we eat, but it’s also about how and where what we eat comes from. Some of the trends in the food industry are competing: One region of the world may be focused purely on obtaining a stable and robust food supply to feed their population. While other areas may be more focused on producing food that aligns with their sustainability goals. In some places these trends are converging in a way that (hopefully) addresses all of our global goals.

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10 Blockchain Facts or Fantasies?

By Craig Foltz on August 30, 2018

Dispelling some common myths around blockchain.

1: A single person invented blockchain.

Unknown. “Satoshi Nakamoto” invented blockchain, but whether “Satoshi Nakamoto represents an individual or a group of individuals is a mystery.

2: Blockchain technology uses more electricity than Ireland.

Fact. A single bitcoin transaction uses about the same amount of energy as it takes to boil 36,000 kettles of water. That’s a lot of tea! By summer 2019, it’s estimated that the total energy consumption for blockchain will be roughly equivalent to the entire US output.
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